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Description: Just before I graduated high school, one of my last assignments was to write a poem and perform it in a mini-Poetry Slam. My writing teacher said to write about anything I know/care about. For a long time, I was stuck: every subject that came to mi...


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"Traditional" Love

"Traditional" Love

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Nova has had a tough life up until now, what with her family issues and insecurities. But she's been get...

God I felt guilty. How could I lie to my mate in such a way? Was I becoming conceited? And what in me thought I could possibly get away with telling Veldore a fib when he had his hand on my bare skin...
What I hate most about this situation is that Cinde isn't reacting like a normal person(or werewolf) should. I understand Cinde is Cinderella and should take shii in stride, but he is constantly looking past the flaws of his mate in order to maintain a "healthy relationship," blaming himself in the process -plus he can't see the inevitable future where he's just an illiterate, trophy mate. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE I want to comment on but it will take all day.
      Is he just submitting himself to this because that's what Cinderella would do?I REALLY hope you edit this someday..