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I’m Jabez, but you can call me Joe. I think my current self is dazed and lost. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I'm doin' my engineering or maybe it's just the lack of coffee. Oh joy, more coffee. I'm a poet and i do spill the odd short stories here and there.

I'm an avid reader and a gamer. And... Yes both of them take up my whole time, when I'm not doing this stuff, I'm usually out with my friends as is expected of a typical engineering student. I love doing on stage activities, dramatics and anchoring or sometimes the odd speech.

What else?
Photography, Wildlife and Travelling are my passions. And these are what drive me. Being a wildlife and nature enthusiast, many poems i've written revolve around them.
I'm calm and friendly. Talk to me if you wish, I wont bite.

i don't encourage fan for fan, vote trading. Suggestions for stories are welcome, but NOT on my work's comments. I'll read them when the time permits, lots of free time is hard to come by. :)

So if you've read my boring 'about me' stuff, why not take a look at some of my works. I'm sure not to disappoint you. Please do feel free to give a feedback, for only then can a writer grow and be inspired.

Happy wattpading,
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Bridal tears

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Description: A journey of a stream from its mountain fount to the sea. An odyssey which takes you through forests and into rivers along with the ever changing seasons. Join the waters as they flow ever so grand in poesy. The partition of the odyssey is based on...


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Bits and bobs

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Eragon317 commented on Bridal tears - Autumn

@CottonJones, You are welcome, Olan. You are an inspiration to poets and i felt it was the least i could do to thank you for your support.
      I did read "Twilight Interval of Rest" and it is simply beautiful. As i mention in the comment section there, it is just too easy to get lost and long for more of the nature you paint from your own memory. Thank you from recommending it to me. I loved it.
Eragon317 commented on Twilight's Interval of Rest

This is a beautiful poem and brilliantly done. The description has a life of its own. And it is so easy to get lost in the vivid pictures you paint with such grace.
      I could feel every living entity you bring into it and as you say 'to watch the nature nap', I lived that piece of your memory. Sharing the humility and sense of awe it depicts as you are one with nature. Amazing.