I Am Like Unrevised Poetry,
A Little Rough On The Edges,
But Filled With An Amount Of Soul-
Enough , To Make The World Lose Control.

✏ Self proclaimed Daughter of Apollo.

✏ Villain Enthusiast: Cause,

//Bad times don't last, but bad guys do//

-Razor Ramon-

✏Wrestling fannatic: Cause,

//Pro wrestling isn't fake, people are//

-Ken Anderson-

✏ Poet : All my works will be in poetry form, cause me suck at writing anything else. Plus rhymes make me go GAGA.

✏ A hopeless romantic who likes her characters to be very much in touch with their emotions, so now you know what to expect from my works. I'd advice tissues being on you at all times.

✏ Proud Mama of Monroe. My gorgeous bat handed down to me by the amazing Sting (wrestler) for the sole reason of introducing it to severely agitating people. Un followers and annoying characters have been warned.

✏ I used to think I'm crazy, but later on I realised that I'm not crazy just creatively insane 😏. But then again I'll let you be the judge of that.

✒ Hunter Hayes will always be all I've ever wanted.

✒ Oscar Emboada will always be the best.

✒ Dean Ambrose will always be the right kind of crazy.

✒ Daniel Ricciardo is slowly racing his way into my heart.
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Epicadrenaline Epicadrenaline Jan 19, 2018 09:53AM
Hey there guys,I just finished the first chapter of my new book and i'm so excited for all of you to see it, hopefully i'll be able to publish two chapters of the book alongside an update for LFTOS.
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