First things first,

To know about my uploads I have created a facebook to let you guys know please friend and have fun :)

What I like...
Anime, Manga, Serverus Snape <3, Werewolf, Vampires, Dr Pepper, Corsets, Avenged Sevenfold, Naruto, Bleach, Ulquirra is MINE (sister doesnt understand that hes my property) lol
I love comments on my stories to keep me motivated to write more.
Love books were the girl is a total BA and kicks A*$!

My books my chick isny pathetic at all and there all pretty much bloodlusting chicks and there is alot of foul language and some graphic scenes but enjoy

I have been writing for a long time now but havent really shared them till now.

What I look like

Eyes: Hazel (changes colors every day, from green to brown and once in a while GRAY!)

Height: 5'3"

Age:18 (Yes im short for my age)

Hair: Bright Red
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    wouldnt u like to know
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Orochimaru's Daughter

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