Hi there, this is EnglishToffee17, but you can call me Abby.

i love a lot of things-
-watching sports (football, cricket, tennis, baseball... you name it, I watch it)
-the color purple
-music (i love rock music and kpop)
- animals (pandas are my fave)
- Bradly Cooper (he's just too gorgeous to be real)
- G-Dragon (his music is awesome and he's so freakin' cute!!)

i love chatting too so feel free to send me messages if you're curious about me or my stories or if you just want someone to talk too!!

I've finished updating ATM and will be uploading it's sequel, Strung-Out, every Friday!
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Description: Sequel to ‘Addicted to Meth’. Haley and Keegan are happy together and spend their days doing what normal couples do; argue, make up, make out and then argue all over again. But an old friend, a new teacher and college tests their relationship. A sto...

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Addicted To Meth

Addicted To Meth

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A tragic accident and rumors leaves Haley Geller trying to find the greener side of life. She finds it i...

darhmey posted a message to EnglishToffee17
omg!!!!!!!!ure back!!!!!am so happy.addicted to meth is one of the best books on wattpad . I was so sad when you left and I couldn't read the sequel. can't wait to continue reading ur books. hope ure here to stay. welcome back :):-) 
My friend told be about wattpad when we were in year 9, during our science class actually. Me, being a snobby literary consumer, didn't take heed to what she said. 
      Afterwards, in year 10 the topic of wattpad came up in conversation, and s few of my friends told me to read Addicted to Meth. Again, I rolled my eyes and ignored them thinking as much as I enjoy reading, I'd rather read coherent texts and books. 
      Then, one rainy evening in London, I was extremely bored and the voices in my head (as well as the monster under my bed) whispered "read that story they were bugging about". So I jumped on the Internet and, with very low expectations I read ATM. Oh my god. I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I bit my lip to keep my squeals in, I snorted, my heart beat sped up, my heart dropped, my blood ran cold, it also ran dry, I was rendered breathless, I was rendered angry, I felt everything to such a deep extent as well as all at once. 
      I was thoroughly and inherently moved by the story, that as soon as o was done reading it (constantly, non-stop until about 5am) I signed myself up for the app in the hope of maybe stumbling across another great, great story like yours. 
      I have probably read this story over ten times by now but every time I read it feels like the first time. 
      With kindest regards 
xLxSxDx posted a message to EnglishToffee17
Hey. I just wanted to tell you that ATM is the most touching and down right beautiful story I have read on Wattpad so far (3 years).
      It is really really well written and you can feel the heart you put into the story. Just wanted to tell you that. And the characters are also amazing. Good day/night