Hi there, this is EnglishToffee17, but you can call me Abby.

i love a lot of things-
-watching sports (football, cricket, tennis, baseball... you name it, I watch it)
-the color purple
-music (i love rock music and kpop)
- animals (pandas are my fave)
- Bradly Cooper (he's just too gorgeous to be real)
- G-Dragon (his music is awesome and he's so freakin' cute!!)

i love chatting too so feel free to send me messages if you're curious about me or my stories or if you just want someone to talk too!!

I've finished updating ATM and will be uploading it's sequel, Strung-Out, every Friday!
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EnglishToffee17 EnglishToffee17 Mar 12, 2016 02:00PM
I have 601 followers and i love every single one of you. Thank you so much for loving my work and please continue to support me in my later works.
      You guys rock!
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Description: Sequel to ‘Addicted to Meth’. Haley and Keegan are happy together and spend their days doing what normal couples do; argue, make up, make out and then argue all over again. But an old friend, a new teacher and...

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