Hey! My friend and I are huge fans of anime and we are going to write some fanfictions. Our names are ripped off from Hetalia characters, I am England and my friend is Iceland. 
Editor: You act like you're the only one that uses this account. We hope you enjoy!
Author: I hope you enjoy as well! BTW. This will be ze most AWZOME of ze AWZOME fanfictions ze slightly AWZOME you will read by ze AWZOME me and ze UNAWZOME editor :P.
Editor: I think you mean the other way around, just look at your writing without editing, and the name of your touch ID on my phone is unawesome (insert author's name)
Author: Nope pretty sure it's the correct way I mean you can't even compare to zeeeee AWZOME me and mein AWZOME writing skilz and I don't think they can insert my name besides I have the best name ever!
Editor: It's pretty cool but it's not the best name ever, that's kind of a stretch.
Author: Still more AWZOME then you name....

-Finally edited by editor after 10 billion years
-Edited by the author after a minute
-Re-edited by editor bcs the author only revised, not edit. Actually no I'm revising as well.
-Re-re-edited by Author :P
-Re-re-re-edited by Editor because author spelt something incorrectly.
-Re-re-re-re-edited by Author
-Editor: I give up....
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