Thank you for adding my books to your reading list! I really appreciate it :) 
          Also - I was just wondering how you found my profile? 


Oh and lol just saw a few messages down that I followed you too


I saw your book a little while ago and added it to my library. I took a little break from wattpad a month or so ago and when I came back I read a ton of contemporary books. Wanted to change what I was reading up this week so I went through my library and found The Hero Project again. I think it had a different cover before? Anyway, I’ve always been super into the idea of “average kids who get superpowers” so I’m really liking it so far : )


          thank you so much for following me :)
          I've followed you back as a small gesture ^.^
          hope you're enjoying my works.
          have a lovely day ahead.
          love, sirrah.