Hello people who are reading this...Hi my name is_______and I am obsessed with anime such as: Naruto, Soul Eater, Ouran Host Club, Kurosinjustu etc. My favorite anime I have watched would be out of Kurosinjustsu and Naruto. My favorite characters would be Gaara, Grell, Kakashi, Tamaki, Kyoya, Hikaru, Kaoru and last but certainly not least the devil himself Sebastian.

I like writing stories but I think they are crap so....I might upload some stories but yeah I never know..


Favorite Quotes or Jokes:

"There once was a women from Que who filled her vigina with glue, she said with a grin if you payed to get in you'll pay to get out of it to"

"Dear sir is that All Amour on your jeans, because I can see myself in you pants"

Person 1: Does this face looks like cares
Person 2: Not at all your face looks like someone threw you at a wall


"What did you think I was straight!"

"Oh I'm taking you down, and I don't mean down town I mean six feet under ground!!"

Things I like to do when I am bored:

Pull lip smirks XD

Watch funny blooper of anime shows

Dress up as an anime character and walk into woolworths!

Door knocking!

Watch anime!

Read in a Libary using my phone with the wattpad app!!! XD

Well this is me!! Sorry gotta go Naruto is chasing because I stole his rights to Ramen...Gotta go bye!!!! xoxox
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@Tifa-neNguyen Your welcome this story is epic!!!With a capital E!!
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