Marie Berg will be my author-name!

I've made a facebook-group where I will post updates and answer any question that I can without spoiling stuff.

If I write in my updates that I'm busy, it's true, so don't start hating on me for being honest with you.

I'm a writing mess, obsessed with World of Warcraft and Grey's Anatomy♥

I'm currently working on my book-draft in Danish, but seeing as I'm so nice, I decided to upload it here on wattpad instead- feel free to check it out! I've heard it's good☺

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Stories by Marie Berg
Bound By Fire (Book One - Sample) by EmoEmotionel
Bound By Fire (Book One - Sample) Fantasy
This is a story about a girl who's bound by fire. Book One of the Bound By-series! (A/N: this is a story of mine that I'm currently writing in danish seeing as I want to get it published. I'm currently on my 13th c...
The Light of the Naaru (Book three of five) by EmoEmotionel
The Light of the Naaru (Book three of five) Fantasy
Naanae. A Retribution Paladin. With no memory of anything from her life before the Draenei crashed down on Azuremyst Isle, she sets out to discover her fate. This is a stand-alone book, yet I might do a crossover b...
The Star of Elune (Book two of five) by EmoEmotionel
The Star of Elune (Book two of five) Fantasy
"Nightborn Sunmoon" A mere whisper carries this name throughout Teldrassil. The Star of Elune has risen. This story is the second book in my World of Warcraft-series. It's a stand-alone and you don't hav...
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