If you don't like how I choose to write my books, save us both the trouble and leave without any rude comments.

If I write in my updates that I'm busy, it's true, so don't start hating on me for being honest with you.

I start a lot of books at the same time and then delete some of them 'cause my self-esteem is extremely low when it comes to my writings and in my head, when I get bad comments on my other books, it goes like; "Let's delete this, this and this. Cause nobody likes my shit anyway." Us, authors, have feelings just like every other creature on planet Earth and shame on those who write mean and nasty comments on our stories. Every single one of the authors in the world share a lil' piece of themselves in their works and basically you being mean towards our writings is like bullying another human-being which clearly isn't nice, seeing as there is both strong-willed and weak-willed people in this world. Strong-willed, like myself, get through it, while others break under the pressure of our twisted society and commits suicide.

Suicide is NOT a cowardly thing to do. It just shows how horrible our society is towards what I would call myself. An outcast. Or that's just how I see it.

Nobody's perfect.. But why is it somebody else's insecureness, or personal problems, apparently have to be a big part; a big reason of why a lot of people decides to take their own lives? It's sick as fuck, but as I said: Nobody's perfect.
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An original story by myself. Currently translating and giving you guys a sample on what I want to publish! https://www.wattpad.com/story/86420850
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