Hello people of Wattpad! We're EmmiGrace, two friends who ever so cleverly combined our names to form this account. (I rhymed). Emmi is the blonde one, who also has the account SkipOnARainbow. I'm Grace, the slightly less blonde one, and my other account is sonotgracie. We've been working on this story for a while and decided to see how y'all liked it. So check it out, vote and comment.

We are so sorry to say that as the school year has descended upon us like a cloak of death and misery, we are going to have to hold up on the updating of On The Road To Somewhere. We will try to upload every other week.

Love ya,
Emmi and Grace
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On The Road To Somewhere

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Description: Four teenagers. One band. One dream. No matter how hard life gets, they all want to be somebody, go somewhere, not stay in their small town in Oregon, just another teen. These four will have to deal with each...


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