I'm Emma, if you couldn't tell. I write for fun. I love to game, read and watch, f1 racing, anime and action packed videos. I spend 99.5% alone. I'm more of a loner person. I have like 3 close people in my life, and I'm very lucky to have them. I'm in a relationship, with Joshua, 7-22-13. I find the beauty in the dark side of things more than the light. I swear too much, and wear black way often than the normal person. I like high performance cars, my ps4, xbox, reading fantasy, watching anime, bioshock, and heavy music. I'm a nice person, but I won't think twice about putting you in your place.
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I Think I Got A Virus

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Description: Sixteen year old Ashton Clarke is a non-working, high-school student, who happens to be the candy of someone's eyes. The mysterious Aiden Henson has been crushing on Ashton ever since they first started High-school together. But with Ashton being so...

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JakeyWolf posted a message to Emmakay911
Its been a while but i'm glad your still on wattpad! haha I've been gone for a long while but thats senior year for you. I hope everything is going great and your hair is still on point!! :D