Hey Guys,
          	Next Demon upload coming soon....


Could you please read my first book called Conjured? It's a supernatural fantasy about a thirteen year old boy named Chuck. He is going to find out that he's a very rare and gifted person with the ability to conjure up just about anything the heart can dream or imagine. He will have to risk everything to save our world and his hidden, magical world called Astrum. Also resting on his shoulders is the dire need to rekindle the magic that was completely destroyed everywhere nearly thirteen years ago. Join Chuck in an adventure of a lifetime along with his best friend Alex and his newfound magical companion, a Gremble named Chaos. Ultimate magic awaits you inside the spectacular world of Conjured! 
          Please read Conjured today. The first three chapters are now available on Wattpad! Please vote and comment.


Hey, I love you­r work! You are an awesome writer! 
          If you have tim­­e could you check out my sto­ry­, I would really be gratef­ul. ­It's my first one, and i­ts not­ finished yet but feed­back is ­always appreciated. 
          Here is a link ­­just in case you have the ti­me to read it: 
          Thanks for your time :) 
          If you don't its fine :)


Hello, everybody. 
          Here's your school Holiday reading list. 
          1. The Carnival Girls [Sneak peak]- BrittanyAnnRoberts, my eyes are leaking water...oh wait i'm crying, the most moving excerpt of Wattpad! 
          That's all...you must read. 
          Thanx guys 
          Happy Holidays!!!!! 


          iread yuur story update soon
          i was wonderin if you could take a moment of two by reading my story
          "Give My Virginity Back"
          Ive Only wriitten 5 chapters..
          Pleaseee...comment n vote...if yuu love it fan me...because i only inform fans about updates (:
          Thank you
          Yu Love Me Only


Hello I was wondering if you could pretty please take a look at my story, it would be greatly appreciated. Here's a small summary:Layla Jones had a perfect life, perfect boyfriend, perfect everything, untill she found out she was going to die. After becoming antisocial and loosing everything. Her mother whisked her away to a small town in the middle of nowhere. Now starting out fresh never seemed so hard, people in this town don't seem to get the concept of unwanted. Her older brother Benji, has new friend Axel and he is on the top of the list to try to make her become his friend. It only took one day with him to change everything in her life. She thought it was becoming good again, untill she finds a very bad thing about Axel Morington, he is not the next door neighbor she suspected him to be. Can Layla save him and save herself in the process?
          Ash<3But words are things, and a small drop of ink, falling like dew upon a thought, produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.


Hey guys,
          Chapter 4 of 'I'M A DEMON....' is out now!!!!! Must read.
          Em xoxo


Hey, would you mind checking out my stories? I'd be really happy if you do. And pleease comment as well if you do!? 


Hey. I’m Adeline.
          I was just wondering –if it wouldn’t be a bother- if you could read my stories? 
          One is called,
          “Ravenwood School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” and the other is “Titans: The Escape.”
          So, if you could check those out, I won’t bother you anymore :D
          P.S My stories aren’t those same ones you read all the time. One is a wizard and witchcraft story with no *gasp* vampires. And the other is about superheroes. So if you’re a fan of originality, you should really check out my stories. 


Hey!  What's up? Read my stories!!!
          My suggestion is, Planet Smarticle!!! It's really funny, and cool. NOT TO MENTION TWISTED!!!!!!!!!!!
          In summary it's about a ship full of crazy people astronauts that get in a heap of trouble when they discover they are not alone in the unchatred galaxy they were sent to explore, and the alien's are HUNGRY!!!
          Seriously!!!!!!! plz, plz, plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ MY STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS BEASTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          *clears throat* sorry I got carried away there for a sec. but, honestly, READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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