Just a normal Directioner  fan! I am particularly fond of Louis!
Profile pic is me and my best friends Keith being strange and me being adorkable :p
Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil! <3
I love One Direction with every substance of my being!
LARRY. That is all.
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KIDNAPPED! With or by One Direction?!?!?

KIDNAPPED! With or by One Direction?!?!?

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What happens when you are kidnapped by one direction? Or was it one direction? Are you really falling fo...

If You Need Me

If You Need Me

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Emily is Louis Tomlinson's best friend *gasp* but when the boys want her to go on tour with her she does...

Hey i was wondering if you would help me out with something, I know you have stories going on already , but I have wanted to write a story about me and one direction, but I'm really struggling with my writing. So I was wondering If you would consider helping me out and writing one for me With you in it of course that would be super awesome! I wouldn't mind having you post it yourself on your page. Please contact me back to let me know :) I have some ideas or scenarios to offer as well and if you want I can post them instead it's totally up to you :)  I hope to hear from you soon. And I would totally understand if you don't feel comfortable doing this so if u don't want to do this but know someone who would I would appreciate it if you could pass along this message :) I'm Emily by the way and I'm 17 years old. And my favorites are Louis or Harry :) sorry for going on and on haha I'm a very strange girl lol if you need to know more about me you can just message me on Twitter @emztothemax :) I'm really desperate here haha I have this weird thing where I only like to read fan fiction with my name in it lol so that's why I'm reaching out. I would really love it if you want to include yourself in this story haha the more the merrier :) and it would be cool if you wanna be friends :) yah I definitely wrote too much lol so I'll stop writing soon. See it's easy for me to write stuff like this but then when it comes to detail and dialogue I really stink at it so yeah that's my struggle these days I daydream too often and it's really unhealthy but hey it's only my imagination right :) yeah one direction is my life and I just love them so much