Hello, I'm Emily and I'm a Wattpad Veteran (if that's even a thing). I used to write on here but lost motivation/inspiration in writing.  I was also really young when I was on here so all my stories were very immature and not that great, to be honest. Currently I'm only a reader on here but eventually, I may continue to pick up where I left off. 

I'm currently a college student pursuing Education to become an Elementary School teacher. However, that might change because I'm indecisive on what I want my career to be.

I'm a cat lover and that cat in my profile picture is my Ragdoll named Elsa. My favorite animal is a bear (this includes ALL the bears) and my favorite color is pink. I love the show Friends and the movie Avatar. I love reading YA, Romance, and Fantasy books. My current favorite book is The Thousandth Floor, I highly recommend it!

Anyways, that's all I can think of right now. Adiós! Goodbye! :)
---Lady_Marmalade ;)
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