Good evening, lovely readers!
          	This is just a quick announcement to let you all know that we now have a Discord server!! 
          	In the server, we will be hosting events such as HP movie nights, it will be a place to discuss all things Modification / The Dawn of Darkness and Harry Potter in general as well as a place to receive updates regarding any new chapters. 
          	It will give you a chance to interact with fellow readers and discuss the books or just make new friends!
          	There's quite a few of you who have already joined, so feel free to come on over and join in with the conversation :)
          	If anyone would like to join, the link is: 
          	See you there!


@shiftingtohogwartsrn she is but not lately


@EmilyTheHorcrux dam your job must be very hard


I don’t think she finish


Hi Emily!
          How are you? I hope you are okay. I was a bit worried because I couldn’t find you on other social medias. 
          I’m a new reader but i just wanted to say that I fell in love with your writing and your characters, and thank you for sharing this story with us. It’s been an honour to follow Estela, Tom, Alden, Cayra and all of the others. I have laughed, cried and loved (and sometimes wanted to punch a wall). You have captivated me and I know I speak for your other readers when I say that we will always support you, no matter what. 
          Thank you 


@laionnoax hi! Sorry, I think I didn’t express myself well. I meant that I searched for “EmilyTheHorcrux” on twt and ig but I couldn’t find any accounts I did find a tumblr https://emilythehorcrux.tumblr.com/  but I don’t know if it’s actually Emily, the owner hasn’t been active in years 


@LazyANAkin hi can you share her social media? I wanna check too


your stories are literally the BEST ffs i’ve ever read, tysm for putting out such amazing content 


i love ur books sfm like fr they’re amazing the chapter u left on is perfect but please update soon also rip anthony i hate u now lol rly gd characters :)


emilyyyyy, ur writing is one of a kind, ur so talented like tf transfer some of those writing powers to me sis lmao. I just finished modification and I just wanted to say how much I loved it like seriously never stop writing cuz girlll u got a gift! anyways imma go read the dawn of darkness <3 


Hi emliy, I hope you're doing well, fans said you hadn't been active. I've been reading and just finished your story Modification. I had to say, God it was beautiful! The writing, the character. I really love it. I also been writing a fanfiction too, and i was thinking maybe you could help me edit since english isn't my first language and i hope you're okay with it. I want to join your discord too but it said the invite are invalid


hi emily, i hope you had an amazing new year 
          i was wondering if you were okay since you haven't been online since november (but i totally get if you need a break)