So yeah, I wear glasses, I am blonde, I love music, photography, singing badly in the shower, being a girl, accents and I really love reading and writing.

I am Australian so most of my writing will be set in Australia. If you don't understand some of our lingo ask me. I don't bite... Much!

I l i k e s p a c e .

I am weird, and adventurous when I want to be. I can get hyper on basically anything - aka do NOT, under any circumstances, give me a coffee!
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Mortal Pet. Immortal Master.

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Description: In a time when vampires and humans coexisted peacefully a war broke out, a war for power. This all happened 16 years ago, the humans lost and the vampires took over, yet on that same night a baby human girl wa...


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Little Miss Perfect.

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Rachael Greene, a top student who feels that the school is not meeting her needs is teamed up with Nicho...

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