My name is Jade 
I am 17 years old
I am in college and i'm studying level 3 health and social care
I live with my nan (have done since i was 5)
I listen to capital
I like reading and writing my own stories and i love listening to music
I have nothing else to say
I don't care what other people say, but two guys kissing (if they're not gay) turns me on :)
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    Birmingham, United Kingdom
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    Jun 09, 2010 04:10PM

Emi-may Emi-may Apr 11, 2012 10:07PM
i'm sorry everyone about not uploading i have a bit of writers block so you might have to wait a bit for the next chapter but it will be worth the wait lv u all 
            Emi-may x
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Jade Brooklyn Riddle

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Description: What if voldermort had a daughter with Bellatrix. she was Draco's soulmate and together they could destroy the world. What side would they be on? And how many lives could they destroy? This is jade's story


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