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you lucky thing you have just stumbled across my account
i am a teenager and there is one thing that love soo much and that is miraculous ladybug.IT IS SUCH AN AMAZING AS F TV SHOW and if you follow me then you can see that all i read is mlb.
i think chat noir is underappreciated BUT he is the one who saves ladybug .
here are some of his best quotes
"i'd stick around but then you would see me without my mask and you wouldn't be able to resist me"

"gotta go a hero's work is never done ,damsels in distress ,ladies in waiting i've got a lot more saving to do you can thank me later"
my favourite ships in this order are:
ladynoir/ marichat
and last ladrien because all they do is stare and blush
i absolutly hate when they cant figure out each others identities like how dense can adrien be he knew bubbler was nino but marinette as ladybug never in his whole life.like i get how mari cant figure out but come on adrien
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