Happy belated Merry Christmas and New Years to everyone! 
          	First, thank you so much for all of the prayers and well wishes for my sister! The pathology report indicated a favorable stage but the grade of the cancer is aggressive. They did additional genome testing on the tumor and confirmed she has a very high likelihood of recurrence so chemotherapy and radiation are both a must. She will begin her first chemo treatment on Friday.
          	We had family in town for more than a week for the holidays and then I was sick for the last seven days (cold/flu) so I have only been able to look at Wattpad intermittently and am trying to dedicate more time to it now that the Holidays are over and I am finally starting to feel better.  I swear I spent more time in bed over the last week than awake. Ugh.  I still have what I fondly referred to as my ‘phone-sex’ voice…very deep and sexy.  LOL. But for the most part, I feel 100 times better.
          	HEAT on INKITT:  In regards to updates on HEAT, I have not been posting Early Preview chapters on INKITT ever since they made a change to their payout system a few months ago. I just didn’t feel the teeny tiny income to me was worth the hassle to the readers (I was only getting pennies for NEW Inkitt subscribers) but INKITT announced another change in their system (I’ll be paid according to the number of viewers on my stories per day), so when this next chapter is ready (hopefully by the weekend), I anticipate listing it on INKITT FIRST to see how the new system works and if it’s worth my/your time.  I will send a note out to all Followers when I post the chapter so you will know. Additionally, you can read on Inkitt for FREE! You just need to set up an account if you don’t already have one.   And if you would rather not check out the next chapter on Inkitt, that’s fine as I will post it on Wattpad a few days later.
          	Ps… I haven’t posted the new chapter yet so don’t look for it right now.
          	Blessings to all for the new year!  Much love, Emie


@EmelineRousselot happy that  u are OK I know ur sister will be OK continue to be strong for her u are a great person with a nyc personality I know you will be strong for her. I wish u d best 


Happy New Year Emie, sending lots of love an positive thoughts to your sister, staring treatment and being surrounded by family I am sure she will beat it. I am glad you are feeling better  and I love when I have sexy/ sex phone voice too  but it never lasts unfortunately. Looking forward to new updates xxx


@EmelineRousselot  can't wait for the next chapter of heat ughhh  ...   belated merry xmas ang happy new yr.  


Hey Emeline hope you and your family(sis) are in great health...,. Am in love with your work(heat) and have been following the updates and as such as a reader I was wondering when you are going to update it??? Am to anxious to know what will happen next


Emie! How are you? It has been so good to see you on here interacting with everyone. Hows your family? How's your sister? My family and I are all praying for her and your family during this rough journey. How's work going? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember you saying something about two part time jobs and one full time, how is that going? Please get some rest and keep yourself healthy. Big, big hugs sent your way. 
          Much love! 


Hi Emeline! 
          I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your work!!! Your writing style is so amazing and you're such an inspiration to me!  
          I'm soooo in love with your books and I'm re-reading them every couple of months! 
          Also, I'm OBSESSED with your characters (especially Marku)!!!
          Every time I see that you've updated one of your stories I just freak out and drop everything just to read the update. 
          I understand that you have a lot of things on your mind right now, but please know that the time and effort you put in your stories are sooo much appreciated! 
          P.S. Sorry for any writing or spelling errors. I'm from Germany, so English isn't my native language :)


Hi Emeline, i just got a couple questions the first is if you think you would make I Am Only One into paper back and if you will come back to Coal? I enjoyed Coal and would love to see the outcome of Brinley but if you lost the passion with that one I'll understand. I understand you have a life outside of here and im just curious, no rush though of course, whenever you come back to it ill be here. I Am Only One was the first story i read on wattpad and can i say you set the bar extremely high for everyone else lol. Your writing is gift and the way you develop the characters in your stories are just pure artistry.


Hey,  I read I Am only One a long time ago and re-read it recently, I'm wondering what happened to the extra Marku chapters or if i just missed something! Looove the book BTW. Keep up the good work!


Hey I I have read your story I am only one multiple times and I was wondering if there were going to be any sequels to this book because I would really like to know what happens with them after a few years they are like family because I get so into the brick and I want to know more I want to know if Coco does actually end up getting mated to Marku's son I want to know what happens after so many years and it would be interesting to know more about Marku's son thank you so much for writing this book and I hope there is more to come please let me know if you're planning on writing another one so that I can read it it was a magical experience reading a book it doesn't matter how many times I read your book I always cry at some point no matter how many times I know what happens thank you so so so much.


Hello Mam! :-)
          I'm a #re-reader of all of your work!!! And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE & LOVE your stories ❤❤❤❤❤
          I just wanted to ask whether you have made changes to the Sweet Luna Chapter in "Heat" on Inkitt? I can't find the Skin/fur Intimacy potion in that Chapter.... :-(  I had already read it when you had launched the chapter but now today I couldn't find it... Please Help! 


I was reading I am Only One and I realised I've been reading the story "continuously", even in the bathroom, with two hours of sleep and by book 3, I was looking for chapters "without dedications" coz that some action was up ahead and had to change my "clothes" a few times... Emeline you're fabulous, the story flows so effortlessly and even your angry A/Ns are so thoughtful and make me think this story has so many layers to it... It's beautiful beyond my words... Thank you so much and please keep up the hard work... Lots of love to you and your books... ❤️


❤️ take care ❤️


Hehe... yeah, there are definitely some angry A/N sprinkled in along the way.  You can tell when I get triggered. LOL. So glad you are enjoying the story. Thanks so much!

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