I get quite a few PM’s with book suggestions to read. Sometimes, people even send me a link to my own stories?? I still haven’t figured out the madness behind that. LOL. Moving on…
          	Normally, I just take a peek.  And I’ll be honest, I don’t read 99%, either because I’m not tempted by the description or I simply don’t have time.
          	One sweetheart reader sent me the following story:   ELEMENTAL HEIR by @xCaffeinatedGypsyx
          	The first thing that caught my attention was her proper use of grammar and the cadence of her paragraphs, very smooth, complete and organized thoughts.  There’s a professional/polished feel to her work that’s most often found in published books.   
          	It also helped that her subject matter is FANTASY.  I won’t give away some of the surprises, but she included some elements that were right up my alley (and probably yours too *wink*).   And the book is Mature, which I prefer.   I read through the first eleven chapters and am super excited to see where she takes the story.
          	It is damn difficult to get noticed in the vast ocean of Wattpad.   It wasn’t that long ago I only had a handful of followers.   Heck, as I posted the first 20chap of IAOO, it only had 450 reads TOTAL over 6mths!     She is in the same boat, super new, but she has SERIOUS potential.    It wouldn’t surprise me to see her radically blossom in a short period of time if only people knew she was there.  
          	I HIGHLY recommend you check her out!


@EmelineRousselot omggggg pls pls pls do more recommendations like this!! I absolutely love your work and would love to see what you read  also loaded that book into my library to read before bed 


@EmelineRousselot I just loaded it into my library. Thank you for the recommendation it definitely sounds good.


May I first just say, I don't think I have ever known a cooler feeling than having my favorite Wattpad author, and my top five author of ALL TIME, acknowledge my existence!! Honestly, I am on cloud nine and at a loss for words at your praise. I can't stop crying. 
          	  I am 27 and starting my first semester of college next month. I plan to study English literature and my dream is to be an author, hopefully as great an author as you are. So, to hear such kind and humbling words, especially from someone as experienced and successful as you are, is nothing short of... of... 
          	  See, I can't even find the right words! It's amazing, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, heart warming, and all of those good things. My hands are shaking as I write this, I am just so grateful. 
          	  Thank you, from the deepest depths of my heart and soul. 
          	  And to my fellow EmelineRousselot fans, if you do decide to give my story a chance, I thank you in advance with all my heart! 
          	  Thank you, thank you, thank you. ❤️


I’ve haven’t been able to post any of my chapters because your story, “I am the only one” has capture me like no other ... it’s well written and I extremely enjoy all the characters... especially Marku -*wink-wink* . Going on four days ...-xoxo 


Seriously ur books really helping me to diet.. every lunch time im looking forward to read ur books rather than went to eat.. im praying.. that u will grant with lots of fortune and u will never have a writer block.. so u can spent more times to do what ur love which is writing books!! ❤️ im really looking forwards for the next chapter.. 


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