I mentioned previously that I would leave Sovereign Games up for a few months, but I think I need to take it down sooner because it seems to be harder on the readers to leave it up when they can’t finish it. So, I will unpublish it this weekend. Just FYI.


I love the book so much am just eager to know what happens next don't put it on hold 


@EmelineRousselot its such a good book so far. Don't stop writing though.


@EmelineRousselot But I was enjoying it so much! As long as you keep writing, though, I'll be okay. I've read everything you've put on Wattpad. ❤❤❤ Thank you for your stories!!!


Loving your books I think I have read them all now lol I know it’s been a month since you updated heat and I’m okay with that take your time I’ll still be here when you get free time to update :) as a mother and a worker I understand it’s hard to get free time to write don’t stress about losing readers because the books are way to good they will come back and if not there loss because they will miss out in a fantastic book xox love you and love your work 


Yes emeline, I can’t wait for the new update on HEAT. And it probably won’t happen, I read ‘I am Only One’ a year ago. But it would be more than AMAZING if you could have a squeal.


I just finished reading I'm the only one and just want to say you are an amazing writer your plotline and the twist is incredible.I've never been so enthralled in a vampire book as this one, it deserves to be published. Please keep up the good work .


Hey, i absolutely love your book Heat ... i know am not really commenting i just want to read the next part because it is sooo addictive i cant stop reading ....
          And no w ive more or less have come to the end of the last update ....
          I only wanted to ask when or how often you updated your book ... i did read the note at the end of the chapter and understand completely ... but just wanted some sort of idea am dying to read the next chapter 


Love your book too much and will defo be recommending it to everyone !!!

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