WOW Peaches!  Honestly, I’m stunned…‘I Am Only One’ now reflects:
          	 #1 in Vampire #1 in Paranormal #2 in Fantasy
          	Just one of those categories is awesome, but all three truly blows my mind.  
          	However….  Given Wattpad’s ‘fickle’ algorithm, the story has also *dropped off completely* for a couple of hours each day, so who knows how long this will last??    No matter, I’ll just enjoy whatever moments I get.  Hehe
          	ALSO, the next chapter of HEAT is halfway done. No promises, but my goal is to finish by this weekend. Fingers crossed…


Congrats!! You DEF deserve it. You’re my all time favorite author! Also, when is that chapter going to be posted?? Ik you’re busy but I can’t wait!


@EmelineRousselot ahhh congratssss


@thelastone  Thank you so much, sweetling!


Hey,Em, is it okay if I call you Em?  (if not please don’t be offended, I’m
          Sorry). I was just wondering how you were doing. 
                 I hope all is well and I send you good vibes. I’ve seen a lot of people kind of hounding you to write, but please, don’t stress over anything they say/ request. I understand that S a writer, you may feel that your most important duty is to fulfill your readers’ request, but your health and well being are the most important thing right now. I really do hope you are okay. You’re so awesome! Don’t forget that. 


I wish you could do a sequel to “I am only one” but with Marku as the main character because that would be super interesting, I’d really like to see him find his match and just more of him 


@lucydamoglou it’s about his life BEFORE the events of “I Am Only One” but I was hoping more for a sequel 


@emogodgerard FANG claw might be what you're looking for 


I love all your books and I can’t wait till the next update on coal or heat. Please keep up the amazing work.

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