"Mistakes aren't what defines us, But after everything has gone wrong, this is what defines us. How we pick ourselves back up." ~Jessica Bravura

hello my followers it's me Vicky.
I'll try my best to create stories just please keep in mind that I'm only human.
I suppose i should introduce myself

So my name is Vicky or Chaos/Vickythemighty cuz i'm an unoriginal potato. My likes are curry, sushi, Olive Garden, Menudo, Naruto, Kingdomhearts, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, CardCaptor Sakura, and FOOD. Dislikes are Tomatoes, cactus, bullies, being called adorable [WHICH I AM NOT] and BUFFERING. MY HOBBIES ARE NUNYABUISNESS . . . [playing with puppies] And as for dreams i got nuthin.

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TAGS FOR DAYZ by Embodiment_of_chaos
Ummmmm tags I guess. to be honest never thought I'd get tagged but hey there's something new everyday.
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