Hello! This is my second account! My 1st account is @RinglynStarr. This account I will not be writing fanfics as I do on my other account. I will be writing with my own characters!
(Although I will take any requests!)

My name is Hallie! This is a little bit about me!

My Loves:
I love writing💛
I love reading❤
I love music💜
I love the 60's (I'm an old soul)😘
I love The Avengers (Spider-Man, Tom Holland)😍
I love The Beatles (George Harrison, Ringo Starr my two favs)💙
I love The Monkees (Micky Dolenz)🙈💕

My Update frequency:
I will write an entire story before I begin publishing. After I am complete with a story I will publish a chapter every week. This way I stay consistent in my publishing and I do not lie to you guys about when a chapter will be up!💗

I love all you all and I hope you enjoy!💗

Add me on snap! (hbdaniel_15)

(This is a safe place for my readers to join and connect with each other while reading. I like to connect with my readers as well. I will not tolerate any bullying or negativity towards me or anyone else on this account in the comments. I ask kindly of you everyone please be humble and kind towards one another. Just follow the Golden Rule. Thank you☺💛)

You're beautiful, You're one of a kind, smile more!
-Roman Atwood

If you're not smiling you're doing it wrong!
-Alex Wassabi
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