Curve Ball is updated on Wattpad and Radish! I'm always loving feedback from you guys, so if you have any opinions, suggestions, predictions please let me know! It really does mean the world <3 Thank you!


Do you think Loving the Fat Girl will ever be published? I would love to add it to my bookshelf and put it on my blog!


I just read loving the fat girl and can just imagine how Arya looked like maybe like mebut since I spotted such a good writer am gonna read ur stories at least am motivated,,but if I may ask what your point of view about fat girls?


@ StacyKiki  Thank you for reading!
            My point of view on fat girls? Well I am one myself. I would definitely consider myself body positive but I have struggled with weight my whole life. 


Did u edit loving d fat gal btw it was good b4 but now it’s awesome I love it ur skills are terrific...take care n keep writing ❤️


Hey there. You made me cry so much in "Loving the fat girl", deym! I love iiiit! I really appreciate your stories, coz actually, I'm kinda fat too. You inspired me, thank you! Sending love from Philippines! : )


Hey! I loved your stories “Loving The Fat Girl” And “Living For The Fat Girl”. Those two books impacted me in ways i can’t explain and tbh I haven’t been so interested in a book on Wattpad in ages until I read those two  but thank you. You’re an amazing writer and I’ve never had so many emotions while reading something. You’re truly great :)


Hii Elle...I finished "Loving the Fat Girl" and I just started "Curve Ball", I'm already at chapter 15! I really like it so far...I love the new details whether in events or characters...the pace and how the story is building up. I was just wondering whether you'll continue on with the book since you haven't updated in so long and I'm so curious about what may happen next. 


You know what my name is?
          ARYA, :) 
          Your character of loving the fat girl has same name as mine.