My name is sadly Elizabeth, but that's why people call me Liz <3
I'm only adding books to my library that I actually wanted to read :P

My best friend in real life and on Wattpad is >> @LittleGirlBlue
She's gorgeous and a future author <33

Some things about me:

~ I love skittles O.o
~ Country music is my THING
~ Singing is my life (doing a musical right now for school WOOT WOOT)
~ I love fooling around.
~ I am somtimes a HUGE bitch.
~ I'm bi and proud :)
~ I live with my dad and two sisters Lila and Kacey <3 Love you both!
~ I don't know if I'll post any stories, but just give me a PM or post on my message board and I'll read yours!

That's about IT!

~ Liz ~

Rock on dudes.

And yes, that is me in the picture, looking as stoned as ever ;) I must take selfies when I'm bored!! :D
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