Hmm..hi I'm Elizabeth nice to meet y' ya I LOVE undertale fnaf and creepypasta..

I'm 10..well right now..and i Love yhe colors purple,green,black,red,light pink,white,and blue..☺

I'm single(for now XD)and I'm happy about it..cause i really think I'm not ready to start a love the age 10..but i do have some friends that have a boyfriend...

Sadly one of them keeps getting dump...its really sad...😞..but she can handle it...i know she can...I help her get though it...

And..ya...i have a few freckles and i have light brown(really light brown) eye brouse...and i have short frisk(undertale OH YES XD METTATON GET DAT OTTA HERE!) hair cut..I have this..mixed eye color if brown and both..i think its brown and green....

I also can name some of the characters in the games..

Undertale:Mettaton,alphys,undyne,papyrus,sans,frisk(my fav),chara,flowey,asriel,asgore,napstablook,toriel,mettaton neo,mettaton ex,the mad dummie,

Creppypasta:Eyeless jack,BEN Drowned(HE MY SENPAI!!),masky,jeff the killer,jane the killer,the rake,smile dog,slenderman,laughing jill,laughing jack,splendorman,trenderman,offenderman,slenderina(slenderman's daughter) ,sally and her teddy bear charlie,larzel(i think thats how you spell it),lulu,hobildel(is thatt how you spell it?) lest fav...nina the killer...she' really a creepypasta..she was a made up character that yandere for jeff...(but i wont have it)...

Fnaf:freddy,chica,bonnie,foxy,mangle,springtrap,golden freddy,fred bear,springbonnie,puppet,toy bonnie,toy chica,toy freddy,bb,jj,dee dee(fnaf world)shadow freddy and shadow bonnie,thw withers,the nightmares,the phantoms,funtimefreddy,baby,funtimefoxy,lolbit,bonbon,bonnet,yenndo,ballora,ennard,..

And thats all...well byebye☺
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Um....I don't know what's wrong but my new book Eyeless jack x Eyeless Alice the hate...(love)...isn't od the first chappie it has 2 other random things.....Help
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