I despise writing a bio.  Never really done it.  Where do I start? The beginning? No, don't remember that.  Although, I do have this reoccurring dream where I'm trying to squeeze through a tiny opening.  Weird, hmmm?  

Do I start in the middle? No, it's been fattened by carbs from poor choices in my twenties.

Definitely not the end, we all know what comes a knockin: Munchausen by proxy. No, not really, I'm just obsessed with the word Munchausen. Say it once. It's fun!

Do I write in third person, like I'm not really the one writing this? An omnipresent voice came along, fascinated enough to write about lil old me.

Elizabeth Grace James lives in a shoe with so many children she doesn't know what to do. She describes herself as kind and generous. Enjoys skiing in a bikini and often goes weeks without shaving her legs.

No, that's not me. Well, kinda.
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