Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are proud to present you...

Elithefangirl🍍 (the awkward girl in the picture) and yup I'm in love with pineapples, chocolate and flamingos cuz real guys suck.

I'm the writer of The Bad Boy's Nerd and The Bad Boy's Love♥︎

Hello wizards, shadowhunters, tributes and divergents!💕 I'm a fangirl and I love books, music, films, tv series and other stuff🍕
My fav SHIP: Jesh, Colessa, Hessa, Gideolyn, Daika, Daemat, Percabeth, Belward, Fourtris, Clace, Sizzy, Malec, Peetniss, Stydia

• I'm a flamingo
• I'm a Shortcake
• I'm in love with Harry Styles
• I'm ruby
• I'm a huge fan of RDS
• I'm an Original
• I'm a demigod
• I'm a vampire
• I'm a divergent
• I'm a Shadowhunters
• I'm a tribute
• I'm a Banshee

My fav tv series are:

• Teen Wolf (Stydia forever)
• Grey's Anatomy
• The Flash (I'm like in love with Berry)
• Pretty little liars
• The Big Bang theory (Sheldon is life)
• Arrow
• Friends (ahhh I'm so in love with this series)
• Doctor Who
• Sherlock Holmes
• New Girl (Jess is life)
• The Vampire Diares
• Game Of Thrones

xEd SheeranxShawn MendesxMelanie MartinezxCameron DallasxOld Magconx1DxAlessia CaraxCharlie Puthx5SOSxEXOxBTSxGOT7xTwenty Øne PilotsxThe Vampsx

Films 🎥 : Harry Potter, Divergent, Hunger Games, Disney, Maze Runner, Star Wars, Me Before You, Love, Rosie

My bæs are: Dylan O'Brien/Stiles Stilinski (yup he's so hot like... WOW), Tom Felton (cuz yeah he's hot too), Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez.

I love the colour light blue. Idk why I said this but okay.

Sister of @Apfelstrudell writer of Vita da ananas

My fav wattpad's books are: The Bad Boy's Girl, That Nerd and Kisses in the Shadow (in italiano Baci nell'ombra)

I'm in love with Dylan Thompson and Cole Stone.

Yup that's all.

Eat food.

And remember to live your life like Maya Densil and Tessa O'Connel do.

Cuz they're my queens.

Pineapples and flamingos to you all♡
  • Pineapple's world cuz pineapples are the best.
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