Sup People! Ala here!
A little about myself:
~Animal Lover
~Music listener ;P
~Don't Mess with my friends -.- (you will face my wrath!)
~Pretty Friendly
Ummm..... I think that might be about it haha now I'm handing it over to my amazing twin, Nik!
Take it away Nik!

Thanks Ala! Ay peoplez! Nik has taken over. A bit about myself let's see....
~I play the violin
~Mess with my friends? I'll mess up your face -.-
~I'm a Whovian :3
~I've been writing a while. For as long as I can remember I've been writing. I've always been a level or two higher then the people in my grade so ideas for stories come easily to me.
~Ehhh I'm not a very interesting person so that's about it.


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Story by Nik & Ala
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The Elemental Sisters
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