Hey, I'm ElectricBlues, but you can call me Blue ;)

I love Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Maximum Ride, The Host, The Hunger Games and The House of Night.

I am a total music freak, you'll find me listening from Genres like Celtic Instrumentals to Screamo and everything in between.

I love to draw, especially urban scenes :)

I love making covers, so if you need one, don't hesitate to ask ^_^

I do Photography, Vocals and Dance, I guess I'm just one of those really creative people =3

I also LOVE dreamcatchers, when I get myself a house, I'm gonna hang them all over the place =D

I live in England, the place where the rain never stops =P

I have five Dogs, two Cats, two fish and three Ceramic Turtles =3

I have a dispicable fondness for Revels, Terry's Chocolate Orange and Polo Mints ^_^

Seeya!!!!! <3
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