*Hi ! I am Preetika. 

*I'm eighteen. I just celebrated my first anniversary at Wattpad!

*I love cakes. Chocolate truffle and choco chips. Never eat cake without offering it to The Great Preetika first. Yes, I am very, very serious.

*I am very lazy so I take a lot of time to update. But that's also because unless I am completely satisfied, I never update.

*I am a science student, preparing for competitive exams. So most of the time, I have to ditch writing for studying. Although, I hate it.

*I have a serious allergy to Physics which gets me in trouble all the time. I just manage to not flunk it all the time. I love Chemistry and I study Organic Chem all the time. My mom is a Maths teacher. So, I am forced to study that too.

*One day, I might write a story on my High School life. Trust me, when you have your mom as your Maths teacher in High School for 2 years, life gets pretty much wierd and ironical.

*I want to become a WP embassador. So one day, when I feel that I am a great writer (that day may never come), or maybe a good enough writer, I'll apply and pray to all the Gods of India.

*Please don't fan me expecting me to fan you back. That won't happen in a million years. If I love your work, you will find me in your fan list. Hit me with your reading requests, though!

My goals are :

10 Fans [X] 50 votes [X] 500 reads [X]
50 Fans [X] 150 votes [X] 2500 reads [X]

And most importantly, to finish at least one of my books before I am off to college which is hard considering my super laziness and the limited time... LOL

Guns and Roses- Humour #250, Romance #400

I did an interview to speak out about the wrong attitude of some Wattpaders. Check it out:

Love!- Preeti :)
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@NishaKumar12 - Awesome! Cheers! ^_^ Nice to meet you. 
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