Eirian is a writer and teacher, straddling the two worlds of the Arts and Education. Her published works include a piece on Crufts (c) written for the newsletter of the Wigston Magna Dog Training Club, and a reader's letter to SFX Magazine concerning the final Episode of Star Trek: Enterprise.

She currently has a number of projects ongoing:

The Use'ara Series: An immersive work of Science fiction exploring the concept - What if being human isn't as immutable as science believes? What if where you are truly defines who you are, and what you might become - literally?

Butterfly Raven: A paranormal romance, dark in nature, challenging the concept of 'good' and 'evil' and the too often blurred line between the two

The Awakening Series: A Children and early teens series with an environmental theme.

Also writing as Linden S Barclay, she continues to work on the sequel to 'Eternal Dance' (available on Amazon) - a contemporary romance entitled 'Momentary Song.'

Eirian also has a good number of years' experience as a Fan Writer, (fanfiction writer), and her playground is Middle Earth.

She loves to hear from her readers and tries to answer comments/reviews/questions personally. Happy reading!
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Story by Eirian Houpe
Laer o Faen by Eilinelithil
Laer o Faen
A near fatal encounter with the Serpents of the North leaves Greenwood the Great's queen with but one choice...