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One who embraces their imperfections and selfish desires, becoming corruption itself. All to grasp a chance to achieve which they most desire. A life of eternal conflict, sorrow that repeatedly pushes through. Hatred from deep within. Anguish building continuously. Remorse, conviction, resolve, all in which reveals the seven sins in which manifests within. Take hold, grab forth, reach out, and push forward.

An Iconoclast, one who has fallen into the depths of despair, diving deeper and deeper. Embracing those imperfection, those selfish desires. Hatred is known, emotions clash, morality tested. Even if they must become the enemy of the Nine Worlds, then so be it. An eternal conflict, destiny in which they crush down, pushing forward their own future, their own resolve.

One who eternally devours, one who bathes in malevolence. Even so, even if the worlds so shall damn them to oblivion, they shall press forward. Sorrow deep within, resolve burning strong. Sins eternally stained upon the soul. Such is the will to oppose, such is the will to continue on.

An endless nightmare, one in which never seems to end. One who continuously scream out, but never heard. Agony that intensifies, betrayal is known, trust on trial. One who became a legend, one who eternally remains in bondage, breaking through one trial after the next, for a chance to grasp their deepest desire.

Reach out, grab hold, and shout your soul Defiler of Souls.


Restoration: Cursed Memories(Complete)

Restoration: The Great War(Complete)
(Editing in Progress)

Night of the Blood Moon-(Reconstruction Soon)
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If you are wondering why there are updates to, ‘Restoration: Cursed Memories’It is because I am cleaning up earlier chapters even more. Around three more chapters to revise. Take note, when you see...
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