I'm a musician, athlete, book nerd, and Christian.
I know this is long and most people won't read, but feel free.
I'm honestly a nerd so these are my fandoms: Harry Potter, Mortal Instruments, Kane Chronicles, Star Wars, KOTLC, Warriors, PJO, and Ascendance Trilogy(even though few people have heard of it).
Ships: mostly cannon except Romione(sorry!), so Hinny, Sophitz, Percabeth, Jasper, Caleo, and Dramione(I know it seems weird but it's my opinion).
Things I do: play violin, piano, read, sleep, read, go to school, play soccer, read.

------------/\___/\ if you love Warriors,
------------(---W---) copy and paste!
Normal People: Think all cats have 9 lives
Warrior Cat Fans: Know only the leaders have 9 lives
Normal People: Play catch
Warrior Fans: Play mossball
Normal People: Think warrior fans are insane nerds.
Warrior Fans: Take that as a compliment!
Normal People: Think super powers like flying is cool
Warrior Fans: Know having nine lives and being a leader is cooler
Normal People: Call them Tabbies
Warrior Fans: Call them She-cats
Normal People: See dogs as friends
Warrior Fans: Think of Swiftpaw dead
Normal People: Could talk forever about how their crush is hawt
Warrior Fans: Would defend that Firestar is hotter
Normal People: Think cats go to Heaven
Warrior Fans: Know they go to StarClan if they are nice, or the Dark Forest if they are evil
Normal People: Think StarClan is not part of Heaven
Warrior Fans: Know God made StarClan for cats
Normal People: Wouldn't be reading this
Warrior Fans: Are copying and pasting this
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