I wear pajamas in public. Shades in the dark. My "swagger" is brighter than a supernova, maaaaan. 

Ya heaaaarrrrrd???

But seriously,

check out my stories.
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The Lights in The Sky

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Description: It started as an aurora, nothing more than a cool spectacle to a few teens. But then something happened. The lights in the sky became real. Nightmares, visions, strange feelings and thoughts. Something is c...


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The Blighting

The Blighting

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Marin's Dale

Marin's Dale

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Something has infiltrated the quiet airs of Marin's Dale. Something that has never been seen. Something...

The Followers

The Followers

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"When I was young, I climbed a tree, up to a place I've never been. And once atop that tree, I saw...

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Story Reading List