I like to think of myself as a normal person; uninteresting and very average. I am a little strange and have a tendency to spout quotes from movies and books from time to time. I like my sweet tea with jam and bread. My life is fairly simple and currently revolves around fan-fiction and cold coffee. I am home schooled and don't go out much; therefore, labeling me an introverted recluse. I am almost always cold, no matter what the temperature outside is. I do the same thing and still expect different results. If seem a little down & sorta sad, then please do not feel bad, for i am naturally this way. I view the glass as half empty instead of half full. I prefer the passenger seat to that of the driver's seat. I'll eat anything that has to do with lemon sweets. I'm rather lazy and hardly ever have the patience to cook a meal. I trust in the things i feel and not in the things i see. 

- ♥ - I am currently obsessing over Naruto Uzumaki from the Village Hidden in Tree Leaves
- ♥ - I have also just started my journey as an anime fan, so feel free to recommend some
- ♥ - I love the two brown tabby cats, Romeo & Juliet ,that take up more than half of my bed at night
- ♥ - I a lot of ideas for fan-fictions but am too lazy and don't have much motivation to actually sit down and write them.

"If the wold could remain within a frame
like a painting on a wall
i think we'd see the beauty then
and stand back staring in awe" ~ unknown

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