Hi there!

I am a person who just writes fanfictions about whatever I am obsessed with at the time.

I try to keep the mentality that if I start a book, I will not start another one until the first one is compleat. This way I avoid getting stories mixed up and not being able to concentrate to the stories that well.

If you like my writings, then, well, that's nice. But dot except frequent uploads because I am a busy/lazy person.

Also, if you for some reason want to talk to me about whatever, go ahead and message me. I may be a little akward but the worst that can happen is that you have to go through with my really long text messages because I can't explain even the simplest things shortly. But other then that, I'd say I'm a pretty nice person.

Anyways, hopefully this answered some questions and if you have any questions, go ahead and message me and I'll answer you. Have a nice day!
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