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I'm a bit of what you would call a hobbyist writer though it would be pretty cool if I could get something published one day. In my downtime I have a habit of working with graphics, drawing or photography. My cover art will usually contain photos I've taken or are of my own drawings (the only exception being Gone Today's cover which had been created by a friend of mine).

My works will focus around the supernatural, fantasy or horror genres as they are what I tend to excel at. I do my best to think up creative, original plots but it's not always possible to avoid a cliche or two and thus I will do my best to put an original spin on things if I can. I'm open to any suggestions and concrit if you have it.

{ W o r k s - i n - P R O G R E S S }
- Gone Today
- World Ablaze

{C o m i n g S O O N }
-Spice of Life (reboot!DMC. 10/13 chapters completed)
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Draw of a Card | HUNK |

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Description: A series of drabbles which detail Fang and HUNK during their lives as Umbrella agents. Each chapter is themed after a card suit.


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My eyes gather dust now. It makes things hard to see, but see I do. Unmoving upon this shelf.


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