Yes, well, I am EVIL NEET, hello.

I am not evil but my stories tend to favor not villains but protagonists with "evil" morals. This is bad but I don't care, that's what I'm going with for the most part.

Villager A-kun is the Protagonist(VAKP) is on the milder side on this aspect but later on it will have this tint of myself in a slightly comedic, not so serious, way.

My childhood friend Hero(too long) shows more about what I'm saying about "evil" morals but also isn't that bad if you have an open mind.

For now I only have those two published and there's another one I have prepared where the "evil" isn't that much but I do plan on making one where the "evil" goes full throttle and is mostly for my self satisfaction where only those that like evil protagonist will be able to enjoy it.

There will always be one thing that my stories have in common. It's that they all have a Harem eventually. As for how they come, that will depend on the setting of the story and the protagonist. If you don't like harem no matter what then I don't think you'll want to read my stories but I do think that the real plot of the story is good enough for you to read it so give it a try either way.

Romance comes in many ways, please be open minded here. I'm a fetishist for forbidden relationships(as in incest, or teachers and such).

I'll try keeping my stories updated regularly. I have like 11 unpublished stories that I'm keeping up with though, and from those I think one or two are good enough to publish soon. Too much stories will slow my updating but they help when I get writers block in one of them so I don't think it's so bad.

Mixing regular tropes with new scenes while making new and original scenes as well, that's what I like to do with my stories. These scenes refer to japanese webnovels and lightnovels, chinese web novels, and korean webnovels so if you haven't read these then it'll be a new reading experience for you.

I'll do my best to get rid of plot holes and fix grammar
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The Evil Organizations Recruitment Ad, or TEORA, for short. It's a pretty good novel that has around 35 chapters translated. For those of you who can take an Evil Protagonist just fine this is not th...
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