A hero never dies....
A hero lives on...
A hero will die trying, never turning back....
A hero will draw his sword and run through the piles of his fallen comrades....
A hero never lets fear control them....
A hero never give up as he clashes with his adversary.....
A hero is like a rageing lion, defending what was taken from him....
A hero is like a falcon swift and free....
A hero is like a bat...unfazed by the darkness...

A Hero never lets his faliure push him down as he climbs the latter of victory,

he never blinks as he thrust through the shards of glass.......

A hero never dies...........for he is a Dynasty Hero...

-----------------------------( Favorites)------------------------------

Being Human
Harry potter
Percy Jackson & The Lost Hero Series

------------------------( aBOUT me)-------------------

I am Quite but Kind, I love to read and I hope to make lots of friends and fans here. I am an Open Person and never take sides.

My Goal is to become a Nurse and a Famous Writer.

So please treat me well.....Fellow Wattpatters!
------------------------------( Goals )-----------------------------

(x)- Find an Editor.
( )- Get more then Five fans.
( )- Get more than Ten fans.
( )- Get more than Twenty fans.

( )- Get more than Five votes.
( )- Get more than Ten votes.
( )- Get more than Twenty votes.

(x)- Get more than Five comments.
( )- Get more than Ten comments
( )- Get more than Twenty comments
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Why are books that are Unoriginal on the whats hostlist.....someone Please Explain this logic too me -_____-
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The Extraordianry Seven

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Description: Jonah have entered the Game...... Only One has Heard the Call.... This is not your Average SuperHero Story...


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