Well, hello there. I see you have somehow managed to stumble into my silly corner of the internet. It may not be clear to you but, I am a huge fan of the game series 'NiGHTS'. My mission on Wattpad (Aside from make awesome friends and do FNAF/anime/whatever crudz) is to bring about the NiGHTS Revolution through any means possible.

Collaboration account with @-HanakoYamada- : @Some_Crazy_Fangirls
Some may question whether I am fully, what you heathens may call 'sane'. The answer to that is; I'm not crazy, I'm mentally hilarious!

Here's a bit about me:
Favourite Colours: Purple, Black and Silver.
Favourite Food: Anything sour (I will even eat lemons like an orange)
Favourite Book Series: Skulduggery Pleasant
Favourite Game: NiGHTS: Into Dreams and Journey of Dreams and Five Nights at Freddy's.
Favourite Character in the whole world: Midnightmare, Middy, King Midnightmare of the Night Dimension (Whatever you wanna call him XD)
Favourite Movie: Suicide Squad
Favourite Songs: Dreams, Dreams, Just Gold and Break my Mind
Favourite Character Theme Song: The Mantle
Favourite Musical Instruments: Clarinet and Bass Guitar ('Cause I play both of them).
Favourite Music Genre's: Any genre is awesome
Favourite School Subject: Music
Least Favourite School Subject: Science

A group of totally awesome people you should check out:
@Cutiebug02 (awesome real life bestie)
@DakotaStorm8 (awesome person!)
@Readerguy294 (an awesome Guy!)
@Jack-a-Lynn (yet another awesome person who has become a good friend!)

NiGHTS: Dusk! (Obviously)
Five Nights at Freddy's: Zerina, Jade and Lumina
Skulduggery Pleasant: Rowena Night
Yandere Simulator: Dasuku Iizuka
I probably have a butt-ton more but these are my main ones.

Well, that's pretty much all about me.

Enjoy your stay here and make yourself comfortable but, not too comfortable. You never know when you may need to be evicted.
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Yass! Back to school on Monday! Can't wait!!!And then week 3 is music tour!!! Yay!!!
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