"The sparrow flies south for winter"

"Come and have a go. If you think you're hard enough."

Well, hello there. I see you have somehow managed to stumble into my silly corner of the internet.
My goal on Wattpad is to bring about a revolution for the forgotten game, NiGHTS into Dreams. Majority of my stories will be based around this game and OC's myself and my friends have made.
At some point (when I get my laptop back), I am going to try and start doing more Skulduggery Pleasant themed things. Like, a randomness book, Rowena's backstory, etc. So, look out for that in the coming months!

Recently, I reached 100 followers which is a major milestone for me!

I sometimes have a habit of insulting people without realising but I actually mean no harm. Although I may act like I could tear your face off, I'm actually just an adorable wacky fruit loop.

If you spell something wrong or use incorrect terms, almost 100 hundred percent of the time I will correct you. I'm a bit of a grammar nazi... eh heh...

Here's a bit about me:
Favourite Colours: Purple, Black and Silver.
Favourite Food: Anything sour (I will even eat lemons like an orange)
Favourite Book Series: Skulduggery Pleasant
Favourite Game: NiGHTS: Into Dreams and Journey of Dreams and Five Nights at Freddy's.
Favourite Character in the whole world: Midnightmare, Middy, King Midnightmare of the Night Dimension (Whatever you wanna call him)
Favourite Songs: way too many
Favourite Musical Instruments: Clarinet and Bass Guitar (the superior ones!)
Favourite School Subject: Music

A group of totally awesome people you should check out:

MY (Main) OCS:
NiGHTS: Dusk! (Obviously)
Five Nights at Freddy's: Zerina, Lumina and Jade
Skulduggery Pleasant: Rowena Night and Maddox Right
Yandere Simulator: Dasuku Iizuka and Bokara Otobe

Well, that's pretty much all about me.
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