I like to pretend I know how to write and draw.
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    Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
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DurrahSharifah DurrahSharifah Feb 24, 2012 01:14PM
@1WolfBlade @Loveena Yes, I am from Malaysia :3 
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Saving My Prince

Social data: 522 reads. 16 votes. 10 comments.

Description: In a kingdom ruled by generations of princes saving damsels in distress, an unexpected princess is born instead and insists to turn the tables around by finding her own prince to save. Raised along with two ol...


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Be Yourself

Be Yourself

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A story about how the only way to be good enough, is when you are being yourself.

No Limit Gonna Touch The Sky

No Limit Gonna Touch The Sky

2.9K 98 9

Adventures of Kim Hanbin (B.I) three years before WIN : Who Is Next and how he changed from a cheerful...

It Started With Those Glasses

It Started With Those Glasses

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Jean's life was ordinary before entering Fawkes High. No one paid attention to anything that she does, a...

Mr. Victory And I

Mr. Victory And I

539 12 5

Mr. Victory is Faye's first friend - and best friend. Their friendship was a peculiar one though. One, h...

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