Well I got a Wattpad account because my sister told me too...My sister is @DragonGem, she's got some really awesome stories so go check her out.

I really like Science Fiction so I like stuff like Doctor Who, I also like Mystery and Fantasy.

I am...THE SILVER WARRIOR! In your face you know who (Not Voldemort smart ones)
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Lyrics to my Favorite Songs

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Description: 1) Cray Button by Family Force 5 I'm updating this everytime I find a song I like lolz


Other Works by DubstepGirl.


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Leah was killed, hit by a car, only 4 months ago. Zena, her best friend, is stricken with grief. But a m...

Cover Creator

Cover Creator

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Rules for a Teenage Clone

Rules for a Teenage Clone

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The year is 3043. People are dying left and right, shot down in a war with odd alien creatures known sim...

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