"more fault line than girl"

i tried to write about the mountains and the sea but they became metaphors of you and me

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Playing Demigod { Watty's 2013 - Percy Jackson }

Social data: 245K reads. 4.1K votes. 958 comments.

Description: If love could start a war then is it even safe to mix love in the picture? But if that one quest and that one sacrifice could end an era and start a brand new one, would you risk it? Can Theola, this one demigod, brave it all?


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Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

694 23 10

di·vine in·ter·ven·tion : it is when jesus takes the wheel

The Aftermath

The Aftermath

2.2K 87 29

[ Short spin-off to 'Playing Demigod' ] We all know what happened to everyone after Theola's sacrifice...

{ E u r e k a }

{ E u r e k a }

3.9K 189 62

Audrey Adler was a legitimate genius while Arthur Pent was just a poor sod. Little did that bastard know...

Kissing Leo Valdez

Kissing Leo Valdez

10.9K 156 129

I don’t know who I am, where I am but I knew I was about to kiss Leo Valdez.


first of all, this is a fanfiction. this is my version of what happened A YEAR before percy ever came to camp so as a fanfic writer i am allowed to say that annabeth is going out on a quest. there are no limitations when it comes to fanfics that's the best part. and maybe if you read until the end you would understand why i made some characters a certain way or some parts a certain way.

okay first of all this is a fanfiction. do put that under consideration. AND YES IVE READ ALL THE BOOKS. but again, this is a fanfiction and its about what happened A YEAR before percy ever came. this is my version of what happened before percy arrived. so yes i am allowed to say that annabeth is going out on a quest because thats what you do in fanfics, there are no limitations. thats the best part about it.