Feedback is appreciated.

I have a wide range of interest when it comes to reading.

If you request for me to read something, I will gladly do so. I am always on the lookout for new things to read, and will give feedback if wanted.

I do not have a set writing schedule, and have been awful at updating in the past. Working to improve on that.
Some of the stories I write are a bit on the darker side, so please be aware of that before diving into the four stories that I have up.

**Shakespeare Never Knew Us will probably be the only story that will be updated. As of right now, The Mirror's Hate is on hiatus. Angel's Destiny, I am not sure if I will continue it or not, I lost all the papers I had written it out on and right now I just have no motivation. I am sorry. As for the fourth one of my stories, it is on Hiatus as well, but same situation as Angel's Destiny. I hope to get back into writing those, who knows, maybe I will. The only one I know for sure that will be continued for sure is Shakespeare Never Knew Us.

***2/22/2016 'SWMD....' has been re-titled as The Mirror's Hate for two reasons. The first being that the original title was much to long for a story title, and just awkward to have to type out every time it comes into a conversation. Secondly, I've changed a few ideas that I had planned out for it just to make the plot flow better.***

**March 19th, 2016** Contemplating leaving The Mirror's Hate as it is, since it was originally a short story I had wrote for my junior year of High Schools literary English class back then.

Shakespeare Never Knew Us, I know I have taken a very long time to update. But because I have had to re-write everything from word documents to wordpad, it is taking an excessively long time to do. Still working on that. Reason why is that when I had tried to renew my access to word docs before it expired and for some reason it denied the pass thingy I had purchased to renew it.**
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Shakespeare Never Knew Us

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Description: There is not much to know. Except maybe a few things: One- My name is Juliet. Two- Romeo can just go get run over by a goat. I hate him. Three- My two best friends are the only things keeping me from finding a...


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The Mirror's Hate.

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Who said listening to music in the school hall was a bad thing?

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