I am very unique. I love music and can't get enough of it. I love trying new things. My main writing focus is on romance and fantasy. I believe that love is the only thing that really makes our lives great with the people we share our lives with.  I just want peace and love. And I LOVE the legend of zelda my favourite video game I guess that's how I began to dream about a world full of princesses and handsome heros. A time of castles and knights in shinig armor.  A dream, a different world, a different life. 
And that's pretty much it oh yeah my favourite colour is blue.
Blue, where the sea and sky meet to join forces air and water. Blue like the rolling tides of the ocean.

Plus I have always wanted to go to india.
Now thats all there is to it hope you like my stories. They are different, like me.
Christina Cromwell.

P.S. Please comment on my stories let me know how I can improve plese!
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