My favorite flower is a rose, blood red. i don't yet have a favourite movie i love most genres like romance, action, horro, family and  comedy, I despise old movies like in black in white. The same goes for the books that i read oh and plus mystery. My favourite animal is a wolf. 

I never had a boyfriend, never been kissed.

In high school trying to follow my dream of being a writer which I have a passion for.

Then there is the music but it's every where, but different types for everyone music is who we are, with every fibre in our being there is a bit of music somewhere but, it's magic because it can make us feel without even trying.

Not a very loud person, but when I want to be I can.

I have hazel eyes, shoulder length brown hair, not very tall I don't have a problem with people different as me, to me there just the same.

I have a creative mind, and can come in handy. Everyone is free to flirt with me, I love making people happy.

My favourite tye of food is Italian like pizza and East side marios. I love junk food like chips and that, my favourite kind is Ruffles All dressed and my favourite pop is Coke.

I live in canada ontario, toronto.
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Dreamer1 Dreamer1 Jul 04, 2015 04:35PM
For my fellow fans, tell me which book of mine you would like me to update and i will try my best to do as you wish :)
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