'' all this time, we got the fable of sleeping beauty wrong. the prince didn't kiss her to wake her up. no one who's slept for a hundred years is likely to wake up. It was the other way around. he kisses her to wake himself up from the nightmare that has brought him there '' - max payne

|| B I O ||

i'm 18 (number isn't updated in a year? me ded). a boi (actually a potato). always confused (don't ask why cause it makes me more). aaaand from asia (dear internet, this DOES NOT mean i'm good at everything).

i basically write for fun. AND THE INCESSANT TORMENT OF CONSTANT IDEAS BURSTING IN MY CEREBRUM. uhm, as i was saying... most of my books are genre-bending with their plots always a bit twisted. oh, are you here for the clichés? *grabs shovel* wait, you're not? *drops shovel* oh, fine then. (the shovel was totally not to dig a grave. totally)

playing games, drawing doodles, making graphics and reading m̶e̶m̶e̶s books are a few things i love besides writing. (did i mention giving up on life every day though? that one is my favorite)

|| L I N K S ||

@DrakenWinterson || writing account
@NekardWinterson || random/non-fic

★ discord: https://www.discord.gg/XpXDmen

my PM is always open for a friendly chat. just expect me to reply with memes or gifs and vanish into thin air sometimes. oh, and don't forget to drop a cookie in my MB when you leave. OR MY CAT WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND WATCH YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT

thank you, and see ya around! ( • ◡ •)ノ

hol' up, i don't have a cat-
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