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My real name is Brittney Drake. I prefer Drake, but most people call me Brittney. I love to write, but most of the time whenever I write it comes from a snip-it of sudden inspiration and then, without any warning, it's gone.
I am currently rewriting all of my stories, revising them over and over again. Then I will delete the books I currently have on this page, and then replace them with the new and revised ones. Sometimes it's relieving to have a fresh start. I plan on doing that sometime soon. In the meantime, I will continue on with enjoying the imaginative books of others. I love writing, but would rather enjoy a good book any day. If by chance, you would like me to read your book, PM me and I will look into it. No problem! I would prefer that you have more than a few parts to it though, so if I get captivated, I don't get upset when there is nothing more to read.
Me Personally:
I dream of becoming a singer. Honestly, who doesn't dream of something like that? That's probably the dream of more than half the worlds population under the age of twenty. I like to think I can sing. Both of my parents can, not including my entire family. Singing is the one thing in life I feel carefree about, knowing that I can sing anything I please. Make-up a song to fit my emotions or to find a song someone wrote practically for me.
I can draw fairly well. I drew a rather large picture of my mother and sister a few months ago. It looks almost just like it (not exaggerating either). I was very proud of myself to say the least.
I come from a very small town in Alabama. I'm the weird one who's luckily friends with almost everyone at her school. I don't fit in here. I'm different from the rest of them. Even my best friend feels miles away from me sometimes when I'm standing right in front of her. It's just me though, I've figured out. Not anyone else.
I suppose that's it for now. I hope you have a nice day :)
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