My name is Erin, as you probably might've seen up there. -points- I am twenty-one years old and I am female... Last time I checked. :I

I am an avid roleplayer so I get some of my story ideas from some of my roleplays. I can be found on a pet website known as Rescreatu under the username Dragonstar. I will most likely be lurking in the roleplay forums. o3o

I love to write. But sometimes I have difficulty finishing stories I do write... ^^; Hopefully I can get around that and finish some of the stuff I started. Anyway. I also love reading. My favourite genres by far are Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Though I also like Horror and Romance. C:

@Drakanealv2 will hold all my poems, rants, fanfictions, and short stories. However, any and all works there will eventually find their way onto this account.

Note:: I make my own book covers. So the three you see to the right and the ones coming in the future are all made by me. I made them on Paint.NET with the font from dafont.com and the pictures from various websites.
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