Im absolutely in love with dragons wolves and werewolves 
My fav food is chocolate and ice cream or better yet chocololate ice cream

Dragons are the key to my locked heart and soul

Werewolves are my guardians and protectors

When I'm with them in safe to think and enjoy what matters most to me without hesitation and worries

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn who to fly ill
Do what it takes till I touch the sky

Draw strength from each other and follow you heart it will never fail you

jellybeans are people too

Likes - dragons werewolves lollies rain
Random stuff animals emo
Fav colors - black neon green blue red purple silver gold white
Dislikes - pink school mornings big deals dresses skirts

Pet peeves The bright sun
Teachers pet
Annoying small sounds
Early mornings
Very clean rooms
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    The dragonwolf temple ;)
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The emo next door

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Description: When scarlett decides to talk to the boy next door,her life becomes a 50 cent love story.read to find out who the boy next door is and how NOT to try and grow plants

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Dragonsandwolves commented on Zara's Wolf - 34. Running to Him

Following the direction of the wind means I cannot smell as clearly what is ahead of me. Scents from the city follow me as I run, but soon they fall behind and get lost in the wildness of the forest...
What color is her wolf form?