I am a Nalu and Gale Fanatic. Fairy Tail is my actual life. I'm still in school sadly so don't expect me to post daily or weekly. I will post in my free time. I am still a kid so if my stories don't make sense I'm sorry. 
I'm not that great with Gale fanfics, and I have at least 3 Nalu stories started, so I won't be doing any Gale fanfiction. Sorry.
All of the Fairy Tail characters and Fairy Tail in genral are owned by HIRO MASHIMA. NOT ME. I will never take credic for this awesome series. It's too perfect.
Some of my stories will have adult language. If you are under 13 please do not read them. I will have warnings in the beginning of my stories to tell you which have the adult language.
Non of my stories will have inappropriat conduct. I am a Freaking Child! Don't ask for Lemons!! I don't know if there is a way to block people yet or not, but if there is a way, I will block the ones asking for lemons. I. AM. A. FREAKING. CHILD!
Please remeber that I have not finished any of my stories (Exept 'Her Secret') and I need inspraition to complete them. So after I run out of things to post, in each story, I won't be posting as frequintly.
If you have questions or notice something that I need to fix, please comment them. I know I need to improve greatly and I am trying to do so. Creative critisim is welcome but hate comments are Not. Note the difference between a hate comment and creative critisim. In one you are being purely rude and mean, the other you are noting things that I need to improve in and what I'm good at so far. Also, don't go hating on others. I will not talorate it.
The pictures in the beginning of chapters usually corespone with the chapter unless I say they don't. I am not that great with art and that kind of stuff but I will make some of the pictures for the chapter. (Don't hate on those either)
This is my bio!! Well, more like rules but still.
"When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kindness." From 'Wonder'
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Her Secret (Nalu fanfiction) by Dragons_Key
Her Secret (Nalu fanfiction)
Natsu decided to take Lucy on a job so he could confess to her. While on his way he hears something dreadful...
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